iPod Nano 6G Resources Mounted

Hello guys, I just wanted to tell about what i just came to know Steven Troughton-Smith and DarkMalloc have successfully mounted the Nanos resources. Isnt that a cool thing here is a screenie i found :

This great progress by their team in hacking the Nano and discovering its structure. Also they found out the various strings that are present in the iPod Nano 6G.  Awesome :D. This is a text file which has all the gander in it. http://nanohack.me/files/SilverDB.txt .

Here is a list which are very useful and according to me could be used for various hacks in the future.


A microphone is required for recording.
Please connect a microphone to continue recording.
The microphone has been disconnected.
Please reconnect the microphone to continue recording or stop and save.
Delete Memos
Delete Memo
This rental has expired.
You can resume to finish your movie.
World Clock
Time On Wake
Enter Passcode
Re-enter Passcode
Wrong Passcode
Try Again
Enter Old Passcode
Enter New Passcode
Enter a different passcode
slide to unlock
TV Programmes
Camera Videos
%d Video Playlists
1 Video Playlist
%d Movies
1 Movie
%d TV Shows
1 TV Show
Episode %d of %d
Chapter %d of %d
Chapter %d
Lyrics detected, but unable to retrieve
Calibrate Workout
Run Calibration
Walk Calibration
Reset Walk
Reset Run
If you
ve already calibrated your stride, this will undo that calibration
Sensor Found
Heart Rate Monitor
Please wear Heart Rate Monitor
Linking Monitor
iPod has not found a Heart Rate Monitor
iPod has found the new Heart Rate Monitor
iPod is already linked with a Heart Rate Monitor
iPod will no longer be linked to Heart Rate Monitor
Unlinking Monitor
Heart Rate Monitor has been unlinked
iPod has detected multiple Heart Rate Monitors
This movie cannot be played.
Please reconnect to iTunes to watch this movie.
Reconnect to iTunes
Delete this unwatched movie?
%s expires in 1 day.
%s expires in %d days.
%d Days Remaining
1 Day Remaining
%d Hours Remaining
1 Hour Remaining
%d Minutes Remaining
1 Minute Remaining
Rental Has Expired
Expires in %d Days
Expires in 1 Day
Expires in %d Hours
Expires in 1 Hour
Expires in %d Minutes
Expires in 1 Minute
Camera Roll
%d Events
1 Event
%d Faces
1 Face
%d Places
1 Place
Fade Through Black
Ken Burns
Enable TVOut?
Please connect TVOUT cable
Scan Logging
%u Station Found
%u Stations Found
Local Stations
Tagged Songs
Recent Songs
Radio Band
Write Scan Log (TEST)
No Favorites
Press the Favorites icon in the tuner to save the tuned station.
Tagged Songs
No Tagged Songs
Press songs marked with the Tag symbol.  Sync with iTunes to preview and purchase available Tagged songs.
Recent Songs
No Recent Songs
Listen to the Radio to view a list of recently played songs you can Tag and sync to iTunes.
Passcode OK !
Power up key OK !
Cell Background
is a
Unlock Screen
Power Down Screen
slide to power off
Insert Cell
Append Cell
Delete Cell
Rearrange Cells
Debug Apps
Video Camera
Piezo Test
Voice Memos
There is reference to a Slide to Unlock function, apps, games, a camera, movies and more! A massive find! Stay Tuned !!
Via [Nanohack.me]


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  1. Thanks for this post. I indeed agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so may this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you very much for the post, I even learned something from it. Extremly quality content on this blog. Always looking forward to new post.

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