PS3 Modified Firmware Project: Jailbreak Tool Coming Soon

Not long after Sony launched lawsuits against hacker geohot for exploiting the PS3 and releasing a firmware jailbreak, hacker KakaRoToKS has taken to Twitter to announce a new Playstation 3 modified firmware project.

The end result of the project, known as the “Project PS3MFW”, will be the release of a customizable tool for creating a modified PS3 firmware.  The tool will apparently include features that are currently not available in current tools that are already available to the public. The project will also be completely open source, opposed to the relatively closed projects being developed by others.

The first release of the tool will be known as “PS3MFW Builder v0.1” and will provide 65 customization options. It currently does not support firmware version 3.56, but has already been tested on 3.55, 3.41, and 3.15.

The announcement on the official site claims many well-known members of the PS3 homebrew community are contributing to the project, all of which are remaining anonymous. Project PS3MFW is described as an “ongoing project” and is accepting contributions from “anyone qualified”, presumably through the comments on the site or through spokespersonKaKaRoToKS on Twitter.


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