TaiLinx Cougar20-H security robot can see you breathe through walls

When it comes to finding out where the bad guys are inside a building, generally soldiers and police have to actually go in or have cameras available to get details. A new robot from a company called TaiLinx can show the operate where the baddies are without putting any good guys in harm’s way.


The robot is called the Cougar20-H and it’s a lightweight remote controlled security and surveillance robot that can detect human breathing through a reinforced concrete wall. Since we all have to breathe looking for that sort of sign of life is a good idea. The downside I see is if you are in an environment, where there are good and bad guys three will be no differentiation.

The bot is operated by a laptop from over 300-feet away. Since police and the military may use the robot, the company is not forthcoming on the details of how it works. The bot looks sort of like Johnny 5′s younger cousin with tracks and a camera on the bottom so the operator can see where he is rolling. The bot cruises up to a wall, extends the rectangular sensing device and then looks for breathing.



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