AT&T: We’re not capping 4G uploads on Android. It’s not even on.

AT&T has finally responded to allegations that it caps upload speeds on the Motorola Atrix and HTC Inspire 4G. While a group of angry customers started a petition alleging that AT&T purposely sets speeds on Android 4G phones that are slower than 3G-capable iPhones, it’s actually because AT&T hasn’t turned on a feature that powers faster uploads.

In a response to a Better Business Bureau complaint about Atrix upload speeds, AT&T said that customers can

“be assured that AT&T has not ‘capped’ the upload speeds on the ATRIX. The ATRIX is a HSUPA-capable device, and we currently are performing the testing and preparations necessary to ensure that, when we turn this feature on, you will continue to have a world class experience.”

So what’s the difference? “Capping” is a willful move by carriers to limit the speeds that a phone can reach. Think of it as building a car capable of reaching 100 mph but programming it to never exceed 45 mph. What’s happening here is that AT&T is temporarily not letting Atrix owners utilize HSUPA, a feature that allows for faster data transfer speeds. This is more akin to having a car that reaches 45 mph only because it doesn’t yet have the part that will crank things up to 100 mph.

Angry AT&T customers may see that as semantics. Regardless of the reason, they’re still going 45 instead of 100, which can be important when trying to share photos or upload to YouTube. It also doesn’t help that iPhone users are whizzing by them at 70 mph. AT&T Android phones are moving slower than the iPhone because of a lack of software and network support that the phone is capable of running.

AT&T has not yet said when the HSUPA feature would be enabled on the Atrix, so users will have to ride in the slow lane until then. Read the full response at XDA.

Thanks, AT&T Fail!


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  1. Android:
    I am blown away by the all the different apps and features of the android in general. I have not felt this shocked by a electronic device since I used the internet for the first time in 1995. It is not as idiot proof as apple’s operating system though. I find myself spending quite a bit of time getting used to where all the settings are located for various programs- there are just so many options for everything. This is fine for me since I consider myself relatively tech savvy, but for some users, this may be overwhelming. Although I love this phone, I am recommending my 50+ year old parents to buy the iphone because I think the iOS operating system is much easier to use.

    As for this phone:
    It is my first android phone and I really love this phone, but it has some areas with rooms for improvement. HTC did include all the features one could want in a phone.
    -Battery life is shorter than I would like in a phone- I charge it everyday. My ipad on the other hand, I charge perhaps once a week. I wouldn’t have minded a heavier phone if it meant a better battery life.
    -The battery compartment was also difficult to open initially(surprisingly so, I had to use a flat screwdriver to pry it open with quite a bit of force).
    -no front facing camera.
    -screen is beautiful. Iphone4 has a slightly more beautiful screen though.
    -PRICE. I got the phone for much less here on amazon wireless compared to anywhere else I have seen. This phone puts a very high quality android phone within the reach of people(like me) who usually buys phones under 100$ with contract.
    -Speed- the phone is faster than all of my friend’s android phones. I am sure it won’t hold onto this throne for a long time with all the dual core processor phones coming out this summer(2011).

    For people who are thinking of buying an iphone- I bought this phone for the features. I knew about its shortcommings(battery life, lack of front facing camera). Apple products are better designed(and more expensive), generally have less features- but for what it does, it does a little more beautifully(i.e. scrolling in my ipad is more seamless and smooth). You get what you pay for in the end. Android was a better fit for me and I absolutely love it- the things I can do with this phone does blow the iphone out of the water. However, for many users(including my 50+ year old parents), the iphone will probably be a better fit.

    -ATT annoyingly does not allow you to tether this phone without paying an extra 20$ a month for 4gb. But I heard there is a workaround that involves rooting your phone. This is obviously not what the majority of people will do. Sad that this major feature of android will be off limits to most people.
    -2gb/month gives me some anxiety about running out of data. I’ve been using my phone conservatively(e-mail, web pages, occasional youtube video) and I am projected to use about 800mb, which is comfortably under the limit. Still, I would still prefer an unlimited data plan.

    My previous phone was a blackberry 8300 without a data plan and I have extensively experienced an apple iPad that I currently own(which I assume is similar to the iphone in its features).

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