Photoshop Touch apps on iPad open door for similar software on Honeycomb

If you are a big user of Photoshop for designing all sorts of photos and artwork or other apps in Creative Suite you may have been following the new touch apps that Adobe has for the Apple iPad. The apps include Adobe Color Lava for Photoshop, Adobe Eazel for Photoshop and Adobe Nav for Photoshop. The three apps turn the iPad into a remote panel for Photoshop image editing and manipulation using the new touch SDK.


The apps will do no one using Android tablets any good right now. The good news is that the apps are a sure sign of what is to come for Android devices. The software available right now won’t run on Honeycomb tablets, but the Touch SDK that these iPad apps are using will work with Android.

That means that these apps or some very similar will eventually land on Android tablets. The three iPad apps are set to land next month at between $1.99 and $4.99 each making them affordable. The iPad apps can be used standalone or linked to Photoshop on a computer.

[via SlashGear]

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