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HBO Go now available for iOS, brings over 1,400 shows with it

HBO has finally released their much-awaited HBO Go iOS app for iPhone and iPad devices. The app gives HBO subscribers free access to over 1,400 shows in addition to many sports event and full-length films. What’s great is that the app offers up all of HBO’s quality programming — True Blood, The Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Boardwalk Empire, and more — and the app streams over 3G in addition to Wi-Fi. It’s available now in the App Store if you want to get your Nucky Thompson on.

Microsoft Courier style comes to tablets with Tapose app

If you are a CES hound as we are you might recall at CES 2010 Microsoft showed off an interesting tablet with two screens called the Courier. At the time the Courier debuted, the indication was that the thing would actually go into production. Microsoft dashed those dreams when it later announced it had no intention of producing the dual screen tablet. If you like that dual screen style and the things that it could potentially allow you to do, you might like the Tapose app that has surfaced.

This app comes from a couple of engineers who are reinventing the cool Courier dual screen layout and usability with an app for current tablets. The app doesn’t have the stylus capability that the Courier offered, but it does have the dual screen style. The Tapose app is being designed for the iPad right now and there are reportedly plans for an Android version too. The idea is that the user of the tablet could open two things at once.

For instance, one side of the screen can run a web browser, while the other side runs a document that the user is working on. The user would be able to drag and drop things from one side of the window to the other. That is very cool and I know it would be useful for anyone who uses the web to research and write a document. Tapose is apparently in alpha form right now and won’t hit the market until late summer.

[via TabletPCReview]

Fring 4-way Video Chat, Out of Beta

We first mentioned Fring in July of last year. They have been working on an application that rocks videochat on a handheld to something of a new level. Then earlier this month they released the Beta. If this is all new to you like it is to me, they designed an application that will set up a video chat room for up to four people at once. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Fring released this promo video showing you the way this will allow you to connect with groups of friends to create unique personal moments of joy and beauty. It’s a fun little advertising spot and really does showcase the possibilities with this kind of technology. I especially enjoyed the short scene that implies you should take your friends with you when you’re peeing in public. It reminds me of a friend who would tweet their toilet shenanigans with alarming regularity, pun intended.

One thing I noticed…

Fringing? Really? It always bothers me when marketers jump forward like that and try mutate their own memes. It always looks and feels hokey and artificial. Listen up, let the meme pools do their work, that’s what they’re for. Google never wanted “google” to be an English verb (publicly anyway), that just evolved naturally out of the language.

Linguistic foibles and tangents aside, this app seems to be a similar tool to Cloudtalk, except Cloudtalk is more focused on asynchronous messaging, where there can be a significant time delay in response. Fring is more about synchronous messaging, where all parties are streaming the video data up and downstream at the same time. This is a good sign for the app ecosystems. These are similar, but slightly different applications that might be competing to fill a similar, but distinctly different, niche. Which do you prefer?

Patch iPhone App Has Arrived

We try not to toot our own horn too much at Patch, but this one’s too good to keep to ourselves. The Tech Elves at the company have been working their magic and the mobile Patch app is finally here, which means now you can take us everywhere.

The free iPhone app, which went live Thursday morning, is in Apple’s App Store and features a variety of ways for you to stay connected and keep up-to-date about what’s going on in the community.

For starters, the app will consist of all the things you get on the daily Pacific Palisades Patch site, including community news, weather, local business listings and events in Pacific Palisades. You can read the latest articles on city events, the best place to grab lunch, features about people in town and stay hip with arts and entertainment information.

You can also share your voice by commenting on stories, uploading your photos and business listings. For example, having a great meal at a local restaurant? Upload a picture of the main course to that restaurant’s directory listing. Did you snap a few photos at the community street fair? Upload them to our stories about the festivities.

You can also use the app to share your favorite stories and/or business listings on Facebook or via email.

Not to mention, you can save events to your iPhone calendar in just seconds!

And while we know you love Pacific Palisades Patch, the new app also allows you to switch easily between neighboring Patches that interest you.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Droid app yet, but developers say that’s coming soon.

Download the app today using this link, and if you have any feedback, please send it to

Tweetbot Twitter client for iOS now available

Tapbot just lifted the veil on Tweetbot, the firm’s newest iOS  Twitterclient. We’ve been using the client for a bit now and it’s definitely pretty versatile; it supports multiple accounts, as well as multiple timelines. So when we wanted to quickly pull up a specific list, we just had to tap the “Timeline” title at the top to quickly switch. The app offers “smart gestures,” too, which means you can triple tap a tweet to reply or swipe a tweet from left to right to view messages you’ve exchanged with that person. As with most Twitter applications, you can post your location, share photos, videos, manage lists, and more. Tweetbot also includes push notifications with support for Boxcar. We like the fast user interface, but wish that it supported active links within the timeline. The app currently forces you to click a tweet and then launch an embedded link. Otherwise we’re pretty pleased with Tweetbot so far. It’s available for $2.99 in the iTunes App Store and is supported on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Hit the jump for a link.

Discovr App Offers Interesting Way to Find New Music

There is no shortage of iOS apps to help you find new music; based on friend’s recommendations, or what your friends have downloaded. But what if you are looking for a specific sound? You don’t necessarily want to know what everyone else is listening to, you want to find a certain sound or style. That’s what the Discovr music app hopes to help with.

The app provides a interactive map (kind of like those connection charts you see on LinkedIn) that shows artists that are similar to one you like, and then goes on to show others that are similar to them. Then, you can double tap on the musician’s bubble and go to an artist page where you can hear clips, see videos, and read more about them.

One nice feature is browsing within the app without having to exit. Once you find what you like, you can save your favorites to a folder and also share them in all the usual ways (Facebook, Twitter, email). And of course, and now we come to the whole point of the app, you can buy tracks or albums via iTunes.

Discovr comes from an Australian-based startup, and has been rated the number one app in twelve countries, including Australia and Japan.

The app launched on the iPad, and now is available on the iPhone also. No word on whether they plan to release an Android version. Right now, the startup only consists of three people. Discovr is 99 cents in Apple’s App Store.

[via TheNextWeb]


Google Translate App Available For iPhone

Google just announced today that their Google Translate service is now available as an iPhone app. This should be welcome news for those often lost in translation and find that the old Google Translate web browser app a nuisance to navigate to. This newly released iPhone app version should make your language adventures go more smoothly with a whole slew of neat features.


You can speak your word or phrase directly into the app. Voice input is accepted for 15 languages and can be translated into one of more than 50 languages. You can also listen to your translations spoken in one of 23 languages.

Also useful is a full-screen mode that allows you to zoom in to more easily read the text on screen. Other features include the ability to view dictionary results for single words, access translation history and starred translations even while offline. Romanized text like Pinyin and Romaji are also supported.

[Via Google Mobile Blog]

App Store filtering added as Apple boosts discovery options

Apple may be ahead when it comes to iOS apps, but the company certainly could do more to make discovering App Store titles more intuitive and flexible. Step one of that process looks to have begun, with Apple quietly adding filtering options to its download store.


It’s now possible to filter search results by category, release date, customer rating, price and device, which goes a long way to scything down an over-filled results page.



Well, here’s a great hack for all Game Center players, this hack will allow you to send any score you want to any game in Game Center, this hack called “Hack Center“, it will be available at Cydia soon, in the below embedded video you will see how to use HackCenter to submit a fake score for “Fruit Ninja“.

[via 9to5mac]

Apple’s App Store hits 10 billion downloads

Now that the number of App Store downloads to iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads around the world has handily exceeded the population of Planet Earth, we can hopefully put this story to bed until they hit another factor of ten — and as unreasonable as 100 billion downloads sounds, we’ll bet it actually won’t take that long. That’s right: just a few days after kicking off its online counter, Apple’s officially hit the 10 billion mark, which is a whole lot of software any way you slice it. So, Android Market, you’re next?

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