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HTC Lead headed to AT&T, system dump leaked

HTC Lead

We’re still taking in all of the leaks that have popped up in the past day or two but one that stands out currently is the system dump for the upcoming HTC Lead. According to the information that can be stripped out of the dump, this device is starting to sound similar to the HTC Inspire 4G with some more horsepower: Read the rest of this entry

Android hacked onto a HTC HD 7 Windows Phone

Hacking Android onto devices that Android was not meant to run on is a great pastime for some folks. In fact, it’s one we enjoy seeing thoroughly. Managing to pull it off, and have it run well — that’s kind of a different story. In any case, the above video looks to be that of an HTC HD7 Windows Phone getting an Android makeover that appears to of have gone rather well. While we can’t comment on its legitimacy — if it is a fake, it’s a really good one. What do you all think, fake or real?

Rogers Nexus S dummy units arriving in stores

Although we’ve known this was coming for quite some time — and despite nobody having an official launch date — the Samsung Nexus S will be hitting Canadian carriers any day now. Google has updated their Nexus S pages, and now dummy devices have started to arrive at some Rogers locations. Oddly, though, the units are said to be arriving with no information to accompany them. We’re guessing we’ll just wake up one day and they’ll all of a sudden be available. Thanks, you know who!

U.S. Cellular releases Froyo update for the HTC Desire

Another long-awaited device update has just rolled out for those of you on U.S. Cellular. The HTC Desire HD Froyo update has been posted and is now ready and waiting for you to download it. So what are ya waiting for? Go get your Froyo on, folks, and most important, enjoy! Let us know in the comments or in the forums how to upgrade went for you all. [U.S. CellularThanks, Brandon!

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