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Motorola Atrix 4G update imminent, and it’s coming soon, too

Motorola Atrix 4G update

It’s hardly been a secret that Motorola’s been testing an update for the Atrix 4G on AT&T — we’ve been going over the changelog — and now it looks like it could officially be pushed out tomorrow, April 29. Need a reminder of what’s in the update? Here ’tis:

  • Data Speed Increased speed at which data can travel on the network.
  • Data Connection Improvements to prevent interruptions to data connection.Screen Improvements to prevent screen from freezing.
  • Email Improved ability for users to receive email notifications so you know when you have a new message. Also, improvements were made so that you are now able to use the same email login to access both MOTOBLUR™ and YouTube.
  • Skype Improvements to call audio function so it is easier for the person you called to hear you. Please note this application is not pre-loaded on the phone, but is available for download from the Android Market.
  • Wi-Fi Increased functionality by enabling Yahoo Email to be sent over a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Display Improved International Roaming Warning Message by simplifying user notification so that it only appears on the screen when you move to a new network.
  • Happenings Widget Improved Happenings Widget to ensure that you receive the latest updates across the social networks you are connected to such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.
  • Calling Improvements were made to incoming and outgoing call functionality to ensure a more seamless experience.

So be on the lookout starting tomorrow, and sing out if you get it.

Motorola Atrix coming to T-Mobile UK in June

Atrix on T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile UK will begin carrying the Motorola Atrix from June, according to a recent update to the carrier’s “coming soon” page. Previously the Atrix has only been available on T-Mobile’s sister carrier Orange. In 2010 Orange and T-Mobile merged to form Everything Everywhere, and now subscribers to one carrier are able to freely roam on the other’s network.

Other phones due to arrive on T-Mobile UK include the LG Optimus Black and Samsung Galaxy Ace this month, and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and HTC Desire S in April. [T-Mobile UK]


Motorola Atrix 4G Promo Video Released

Highlighting what made the device such a hit at CES, Motorola just released a promo video with full on uplifting soundtrack touting the unique capabilities of the Atrix 4G and the amazing possibilities to come. The video focuses on the Atrix 4G’s laptop and TV docks and demoes the user experience.


Yanko Design Presents The Perfect Superphone

The Motorola Atrix packs the dual-core power of a computer into a slender handset package. Moto made much of the laptop and TV docks, but both of those (admittedly nifty) peripheral products merely underscore the sad truth. On its own, the Atrix is a caged lion.


The 4″ display candy-bar form-factor has its limitations. There’s only so much you can do with a device like that before adding in peripherals. This new concept phone from Yanko designer Lin Jian Feng may be able to squeeze a big shot of additional power into the handset.

It has a medium-sized plastic bezel/body that detaches from the screen and slides out to reveal two halves of a keyboard, complete with a rolling-ball mouse and a left/right/middle mouse button key. The display will also be able to fold up out of the body, using it as a base to allow for more comfortable extended viewing.

MIDs are supposed to be a dead platform, but I’d buy the hell out of any smartphone that was a freaking Transformer. Every other gadget nerd raised on cartoons would be compelled to do the same. Lin Jian Feng is a genius.

[Via Yanko Design]


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