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Untethered Jailbreak for Verizon 4.2.7 NOW Available

As of last night, @iH8snow along with @pushfix released an untethered solution for Verizon iPhone users on 4.2.7. Sn0wbreeze v2.6.1 is now available on the iH8sn0w website at the following address:

Sn0wbreeze 2.6.1

It is currently only available for Windows users and hopefully will be transferred to a Mac client soon.

For those who are currently jailbroken on a tethered 4.2.7 can use a package by @pushfix to make it untethered. Follow the steps below to do this:

• Add this repo:
• Install the package “Verizon Untether for 4.2.7”
• Reboot
• And now you’re untethered

iSocialNet App Review

I have got this app for around a month now and it is one the best Social applications according to me.

It has both Facebook and Twitter integration which are the moat used used Social Networks by anybody on this World. It does not end here. It also has a Web Browser integrated which is also quite awesome.

It was recently updated and many new features were added. My favorite feature among this was the tabbed browsing. As i browse many websites side by side. That is why it is a very important feature for me. The tabs are not ordinary. They are just like the Safari ones.

This app has been made by friend Mike Dandy (@dandymike). And believe me it is one the best Social Apps you will ever find on the App Store or Cydia.

This app is available on Cydia on many repositories. So you won’t have a trouble finding it.

A must have from my side.

Features of iSocialNet
•Facebook integration
•Twitter integration
•Web browser
•Plays some Flash
•Tabbed browsing
•Multitasking support
And many more..

UltraSn0w Unlock for iPhone 4.3.2 Released

Following the release of the updated PwnageTool 4.3.2 jailbreak tool, the iPhone Dev Team has also pushed out an update to the UltraSn0w unlock in Cydia.

UltraSn0w 1.2.2 has been released to support the new iOS 4.3.2 firmware, as the previous version of UltraSn0w (1.2.1) was broken in iOS 4.3.2. Please note, this will only work for the older iPhone 4 baseband 1.59.00, and iPhone 3G/3GS  basebands 4.26.08, 5.11.07, 5.12.01, 5.13.04, and 6.15.00. It can not unlock newer basebands since there is currently no unlock available.

The Dev Team has provided the following information on their blog…

“Note that there’s a corresponding update to ultrasn0w, which has been bumped up to v1.2.2 to get along with iOS 4.3.2 (the ultrasn0w update does not include any new baseband support!). Please reboot your iPhone using the normal “slide to power off” swipe after installing ultrasn0w 1.2.2.”

Saurik Comments on Cydia Outage and Ongoing Recovery Efforts

Click the image to open in full size.

On Friday, Jay Freeman (aka Saurik) posted a crimson enclosed notice on the front page of Cydia acknowledging an unfortunate problem plaguing no shortage of prominent digital domains. Reddit, Quora, FourSquare, Hootsuite, the New York Times, ProPublica and, yes, Cydia – not to mention about five dozen other sites – are enduring a significant outage that is, for obvious reasons, raising some serious questions about the reliability of Amazon Web Services and all things cloud-related.

On Thursday, Freeman posted an  update on Twitter regarding the widespread dilemma. “Amazon EC2 (which does host the primary Cydia website, purchasing, etc.) is currently experiencing severe issues: nothing I can do but wait,” he tweeted. Tonight, Cydia has been updated with the following message:

Amazon EC2, which hosts Cydia’s internal website, has been having extreme issues for – 40 hours. This outage affects the ability to purchase paid products, the Theme Center, and Manage Account. I (saurik) have been sleeping in hour-and-a-half shifts since this outage began in order to keep a dialog open with Amazon “Premium Support” regarding this issue. Recently, enough access was recovered in order for me to modify the home page to add this message.Unfortunately, Amazon’s status and ETAs have been confusingly vague and highly optimistic throughout the experience, causing me to be unable to make good decisions about disaster recovery choices. At this time, the latest news from Amazon AWS (as of two hours ago) was “that this will take 3-4 hours until full access is restored.” Meanwhile, Premium Support has asked engineering to prioritize recovering Cydia’s infrastructure. (For those interested in this sort of thing: this is the same Amazon EC2 outage that has been affecting other sites like reddit and foursquare.)

According to CNN Money in their ongoing coverage of this digital disaster, Amazon “touts the way it links together many different data centers to protect customers from isolated failures.” In fact, it promises to keep customers’ sites up and running 99.95% of the year, “or it will shave 10% off customers’ monthly bills.”

We’ll keep you posted on the Cydia outage and the ongoing repair and recovery efforts.

Source: Saurik, Cydia, CNN Money

iSocialNet is the perfect Social Cydia Application!

iSocialNet is a great Cydia Application for all you social fanatics out there. This application is a browser for your iPhone that will be available on your springboard to launch. iSocialNet will give you the options to search the web, tweet on twitter and see your facebook NewsFeed all in one simple application. It also shows you the time, date This app is free from cydia in the ModMyi repo!

Via [MacApple]

Student Makes $50,000 A Year Jailbreaking iPhones

Kevin Lee, a senior at George Mason University, Virginia, has turned iPhone jailbreaking into a full-time job, hacking customers devices to earn an impressive $50,000 a year. Lee uses Craigslist to advertise his services, which include unlocking, jailbreaking, and customizing devices to a user’s preference.

Lee told The Washington Post that he started off with a mere 5 to 10 customers a week – most of whom were friends. Now he pulls in between 30 and 40 – performing relatively simple hacks that many people don’t like to attempt themselves. A recent customer from the Mongolian embassy wanted his device unlocked so that he could use it in Mongolia when he moves.

Lee’s interview with The Washington Post is rather short, and he has since declined to provide further comment, removing his advert and contact details from Craigslist.

Though jailbreaking was ruled legal last year by the Library of Congress, many still fear repercussions from Apple. I’m sure the Dev-Team behind PwnageTool, RedSn0w and other jailbreak & unlock tools won’t be too happy either – in the past they have publicly shown their displeasure to others who try to make money from the tools that they provide for free.

Lee isn’t the only person to make money from this service, however. Kyle Matthews from ModMyI said in the report:

The industry just keeps increasing; there are even repair stores that will jailbreak for you.

The article is well worth a read and provides some interesting information on the jailbreaking community and the state of the industry at the moment.

[via iPhone Download Blog]

Apple Blocks Jailbreak App Store Cydia In Its Stores

Apple is taking an unusual step in the war again jailbreakers, and it’s not what you may think.
In the past, Apple has tried blocking jailbreakers by changing how iOS handles memory and has made changes to its mobile iOS in general many times. Now though they’re just trying to make life difficult even after you’ve jailbroken.


iPhoneDownloadBlog brings news that when attempting to access jailbreak App Store Cydia using an Apple Store’s WiFi, users are now finding the app loading Apple’s own website instead of the expected jailbreak goodness.
Of course this isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference to the hardcore jailbreak community, but it’s interesting to see that Apple has taken these steps at all. By the time someone with a jailbroken iDevice access a WiFi hotspot, it’s a bit late to be trying to prove a point!
You go Apple, you sure told the jailbreakers there!

BytaFont Cydia App Review


I was seeing lots of people changing their fonts to some cool ones and some people to nasty ones. Well so I decided I will also do this. The app which helped me was BytaFont. It is a app made by and is available for free on Cydia. It is compatible with iOS 4.

It is very cool app for those people who don’t like the default font of the iOS and want to change it.

1. Search for BytaFont in Cydia.
2.Click Install.
3.The app will be installed but it has no fonts that come with it. You need to download them separately.
4.Download a font which you like.
5.Once download is complete go into the app and click on the font.
6.It asks to respring.
7.Press yes and your font will be changed.

Screenshots of changed font.





Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing Released on Cydia

Finally the long awaited app is now live, Celeste is a new Cydia tweak which brings back the missing feature to your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It will allow you to send and receive songs, photos, contacts and more with any Bluetooth transfer-capable device.

Celeste is the Bluetooth file transfer Apple forgot. Long awaited, Celeste allows your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running 4.2 or higher to send and receive files from any brand of mobile phone from BlackBerry to Nokia and any computer (Mac or PC) that supports OBEX Bluetooth file transfers.

With zero configuration, Celeste integrates with a wide variety of apps – including Photos, iPod, Contacts, iBooks, Voice Memos, iFile, and Dropbox. Send and receive all your favorite and important files instantly after purchasing and installing Celeste!

Every purchase of Celeste gets you a free copy of Gremlin (a $1.99 value). Gremlin allows you to import received songs and videos into your ipod library, with full itunes-sync capability.

More over Celeste integrates perfectly with your built-in iOS applications. Just like magic. See it in action in the below video.

Celeste is available in Cydia via ModMyi repo for $9.99 (3 Days Launch Sale – $7.99 )

Cydia Gets a Speed Boost !

Jailbreak means installing Cydia on your iOS device as an alternative App Store in which you can install tweaks and apps. As most of our readers use Cydia, you must have noticed it was very slow. Jay Freeman, the brain behind Cydia, has greatly improved Cydia response times and gives it a speed boost.

Freeman has announced the news today on his twitter account telling us that he has switched Cydia’s server to the new CDN-ELB stack, this improves request times from 0.45s to 0.25s. He also showed three graphs which indicates the results for 3 months of server work.

Just switched Cydia’s www over to the new “CDN->ELB” stack I’ve been building: requests to / from my apartment are down from 0.45s to 0.25s!

[via iClarified]

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