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Xperia PLAY game sales have been unimpressive

According to a report by CVG, Android Market downloads of games specifically designed to run on Sony Ericsson’s Xperia PLAY handset have been extremely low. As evidence in its case, the report hones in on five Play titles that all have under 1,000 total Market downloads: Cool Boarders 2, 100–500; Destruction Derby, 500–1,000; Jumping Flash, 50–100; MediEvil, 100–500; and Syphon Filter, 100–500. Despite this, the handset’s creator is undeterred. “There’s no concerns, it’s a revolutionary device, it’s shaking up the market, we’re very pleased with it,” said Dominic Heil- Read the rest of this entry

Portal 2 Craziness Around the Web

If you were not aware, aka perhaps you were still hiding under a rock somewhere, Portal 2 launched today. Yes, Portal 2, with both the original single-player mode and the co-op mode where you’re controlling two robots for the greater good of trans-dimensional cruising. There has been just a little bit of excitement leading up to the launch, and all kinds of craziness popping up around the web regarding the game. Legos, aliens, and disappointments. Pity the poor college students who couldn’t afford to buy the game. See our favorites after the cut.

Portal 2 is exploding all over these internets, and with this explosion comes the reverberations through the chans and brains of the web. What follows is a short collection of what’s sure to continue to unfold. Do you have Portal 2? Do you plan on purchasing Portal 2? Take a peek at a place like Reddit today and let us know if you see the difference from day to day.

Our favorite, lego ATLAS, P-Body and turrets from The Brothers Brick:

A slider comparison between minimum and maximum settings on the game, via Games Akutell.

And the reddit alien dressed as a video game character:

And you can get your very own T-shirt, commemorating the occasion:

There were some problems loading the game, and this reddit poster took it hard, titling the post “My life is over.”

Here is someone who would really rather play a more exciting game than Portal 2:

And others who will not be doing anything else:

Coffee shop Portal art:

Portal-inspired fingernails:

Have you played it yet? Beaten the game? Stayed inside and not showered because you took the day off to play?

Gameloft’s Xperia Play launch titles — a montage [video]

If you’re into watching little chubby fingers play mobile video games, this video is for you, folks. Mobile games publisher, Gameloft, has posted a new compilation trailer on their YouTube account. The montage includes ten HD games for the Xperia Play. Now, we’re not quite sure if these titles we’ll be the more “complex games” the Sony Ericsson exec was talking about, but all we know is that they will be availabe at launch. Not a bad line-up. Chubby fingers aside, it’s still pretty cool to see shooters being played with the dual touch pads — making shooters on the go that much better. [YouTube via Twitter]

Here is a list of titles in the montage:

  1. Spider-Man: Total Mayhem
  2. Uno HD
  3. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles
  4. Real Football 2011
  5. Star Battalion
  6. Splinter Cell: Conviction
  7. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
  8. Let’s Golf! 2
  9. Brother’s In Arms 2: Global Front
  10. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

Sony NGP Games To Get Digital Release From Day One

Sony’s PSP successor, the NGP, is readying to launch later this year and sure to have a great line up of games. The manufacturer is promising that from day one digital release games will be available for download at the same time the physical games become available.


In an interview with MCV, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Andrew House discussed their new game distribution strategy.

“One thing we learnt from PSP, is that we want to have simultaneous delivery in digital and physical for NGP. Just to clarify that, all games that appear physically will be made available digitally. Not necessarily all games have to be made available physically. And having the option of a digital-only method affords more creative risk-taking, and that’s because you don’t-have that in-built risk of physical inventory.”

The emphasis on having a strong digital game distribution means that there will be a hierarchy of games. Big high-end premium games are likely still to be purchased mostly in physical form, but lighter more experimental games are more likely to be downloaded digitally. This saves physical inventory on these types of games and allows for more experimentation in new game development.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]

Angry Birds hits 30 million downloads on Android

Angry Birds is printing money

Don’t look now, but it would seem that people love them some Angry Birds. A shocker, we know. Rovio announced at the annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) that the free-with-ads Android version of the popular game had been downloaded an astounding 30 million times. What is even more impressive is that Rovio claimed five million downloads back in early December. They said they were pulling in $1 million in ad revenue back then, so some quick math would estimate that they might be raking in north of $6 million per month now. That’s a lot of irate avians. [Joystiq]

Play Playstation 3 / PS3 Games on iPad, iPhone & iPod touch with everyAir

You can now play PS3 games right on your iOS device. A group of hardware hackers anddevelopers “pandaelf” have devised a way using some off the shelf hardware and everyAir to allow you to play PS3 games on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

All they did was, connected a capture device to PS3 to send video data to the PC and a USB mouse/keyboard device to the PS3 console to send the button presses. For making PC to understand custom gestures, everyAir on PC was installed. The output of which was then sent to PS3 as input via the input interpreter.

To send video signal back and forth between PS3 and iOS device, developers used an off the shelf capture device and a custom build of everyAir with an off the shelf mouse/keyboard device that connects to the PS3.

However, the graphics are not clean as on PS3 console but for the extreme dedication or the fervor they have shown for the platform, you have to give them quite a bit of credit. No ETA so far, but developers say, that in near future they will release it.


Well, here’s a great hack for all Game Center players, this hack will allow you to send any score you want to any game in Game Center, this hack called “Hack Center“, it will be available at Cydia soon, in the below embedded video you will see how to use HackCenter to submit a fake score for “Fruit Ninja“.

[via 9to5mac]

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