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Gingerbread Test Build for ThunderBolt Leaked

A buggy test build of Android 2.3 Gingerbread appears to have been leaked from our favorite source for all things HTC oddity: 911HTC! They’ve got a big fat build by the name of Mecha GINGERBREAD S Verizon WWE 2.01.605.0_ Radio_0.01.69.0501r_ _NV_8K_1.41_ – all that make sense to you? It doesn’t have to! All you need to know is that Gingerbread is more than likely on its way to Verizon’s HTC ThunderBolt, and by the looks of it, it’s coming soon!

Before we continue I’ve of course got to warn you that ROMs in test stages such as this are often beyond buggy to the point where should you use them you really ought to prepare yourself for something rather broken. Be sure to back up your current build if you plan on working with this one, Read the rest of this entry

ThunderBolt case review: Case-Mate POP!

Case-Mate POP! For HTC ThunderBolt

So you want a case that’s sturdy, but doesn’t feel like a hard case? The Case-Mate POP! for the HTC ThunderBolt is a good middle ground. It’s molded out of a hard plastic for strength and rigidity, plus a soft rubber for a more friendly touch.

The bulk of the case — which comes in black, pink or white — is made of a glassy plastic, with the Case-Mate logo plenty visible. But on the sides are a textured rubber, which really softens the feel of the case and gives you good grip when you pick it up. There are cutouts for the antenna, camera and flashes, microphones, microUSB port and 3.5mm headphone jack, and the volume and power buttons are of the same rubber as the sides and interior of the case.

You’ve got a little extra thickness that helps protect the screen from touching when it’s left face-down, and the camera lens is kept well clear of any flat surfaces, too.

It’s not a minimal case — you’ll definitely know it’s on there. But it’s a nice middle ground between a skin case and something more rugged. It’s a one-piece unit, so the ThunderBolt just slips in and out. But it’s a snug fit, and the phone shouldn’t be going anywhere once it’s in.

The Case-Mate POP! for the HTC ThunderBolt is available for $27.95 in the Android Central Store. We’ve got more pics of it after the break.

Case-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBoltCase-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBolt

Case-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBoltCase-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBolt

Case-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBoltCase-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBolt

Case-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBoltCase-Mate POP! for HTC ThunderBolt

Leaked ThunderBolt ROM brings new a new radio, bugfixes

HTC ThunderBolt bootloader

If you’ve gotta have the latest unofficial ROM for your new HTC ThunderBolt, you’re in luck this morning. An RUU has leaked out of one of those places RUUs tend to leaked out of (don’t ask, you don’t wanna know), stripped down and put back together again. And the list of known features is interesting enough.

  • New radio, version
  • Fixes to SQLite
  • GPS Location Services
  • LTE/3G handoff (huzzah!)
  • Audio recording
  • Video playback
  • Proximity sensor drain

Those are some fixes we’d certainly like to see. For those of you who know your way around a rooted ThunderBolt (you’ll need S-off), head on over to the source link to check it out. For everyone else, let’s hope that this shows up in an officially sanctioned update right quick. [Radio, how to root the ThunderBolt]

Wirefly unboxes the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt

Wireless retailer Wirefly has unboxed a pre-production model of the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and posted the video on Youtube.  The phone comes in a mysterious black package that has all the traditional accouterments.  And aside from some slightly comedic difficulty getting the phone out of the box, there’s some really interesting details.


The phone comes with a 32GB microSD card (amazing how huge those things are getting in capacity, isn’t it?),  it has a 1Ghz processor, the same 4.3 inch touchscreen available on the HTC Evo, two cameras(forward facing 1.3mp for video chat and 8mp for HD video and still shots), a dual LED flash, and the cool “kick stand” made popular by the Evo.  Currently, the Thunderbolt is being shipped with Android 2.2.1 (Froyo).

HTC ThunderBolt Given Away Free at Verizon Locations Feb 12

It has begun! The free wars. Not that giving away smartphones for free (with contract) is a brand new idea, but giving away a phone of this magnitude certainly is a bold move by Verizon. Apparently if you attend the grand opening of at least one Verizon location in Northampton, MA, you’ll be eligible to win a basically free HTC Thunderbolt and walk out of the store with it that day. Everyone else in the world who isn’t inside the network will have to wait until February 14th for the honor of holding this phone for their very own.


The store in question will be giving away not one, but TWO free phones on February 12th, one of them being the 4G speed HTC ThunderBolt, the other being a complete mystery. Maybe a WebOS phone. Maybe something exciting. They’ll also have food and beverages, and their local radio station 93.9 The River will be broadcasting and giving away ski passes. So win a phone or just go skiing. Probably don’t bring the phone on your ski trip or it’ll get stolen in the locker room.

The location of this particular Verizon is 162 North King St Big Y, Walmart, Staples Plaza, Northampton, MA 01060, and it’s already been soft-opened. They’re open seven days a week and if you’d like to call them up to confirm the phones they’ve got or if they reeeally plan on giving a ThunderBolt away early, you can call them up at 413-341-3473. Nate will take care of you.

[Via DroidLife]



in Grand Rapids, Michigan seems to have revealed to the world the release dates of both the Motorola XOOM Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet AND the HTC ThunderBolt. The XOOM will be released on February 24th, while the ThunderBolt will be out on the 14th of February. Sounds like we’ve got a full and joyous month ahead of us. Not that we wouldn’t have already had a full an joyous month what with Mobile World Congress on the horizon, but heck, here’s the juicy bits right back in the states!


The Best Buy location that’s made the mistake of outing these dates early is otherwise known as Grand Rapids South, a fine location for spending your Best Buy gift cards if you wish – you could also choose to grab a Verizon iPhone4 here starting on the 10th or a Samsung Presto mobile hotspot starting on the 17th, but blah, those are secondary. You want the Honeycomb. You want the lightning crashing down from above. Hopefully these dates hold across America, we’d be glad to wait this long to get these two gems. — a shout out of thanks to our lady in the field Alex Styler for the tip!

But wait! We won’t even be in the USA! Valentine’s Day falls on the same week we’ll be out to Barcelona! Follow along with us on our magical journey via the tag MWC 2011.

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