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Atrix 4G Lapdock accessory drops to $299 starting May 1

Atrix 4G Lapdock Pricing

If you’ve been eyeing the Motoroala Atrix 4G and its slick little Lapdock but didn’t exactly feel all warm and fuzzy at the $399 a la carte price tag, things are looking up. According to this screen shot we just received, the Lapdock will drop to $299 on May 1, and the total cost of the Atrix with Lapdock falls to a more palatable $399. Someone feeling a little Transformer heat, perhaps?

Motorola Atrix 4G update imminent, and it’s coming soon, too

Motorola Atrix 4G update

It’s hardly been a secret that Motorola’s been testing an update for the Atrix 4G on AT&T — we’ve been going over the changelog — and now it looks like it could officially be pushed out tomorrow, April 29. Need a reminder of what’s in the update? Here ’tis:

  • Data Speed Increased speed at which data can travel on the network.
  • Data Connection Improvements to prevent interruptions to data connection.Screen Improvements to prevent screen from freezing.
  • Email Improved ability for users to receive email notifications so you know when you have a new message. Also, improvements were made so that you are now able to use the same email login to access both MOTOBLUR™ and YouTube.
  • Skype Improvements to call audio function so it is easier for the person you called to hear you. Please note this application is not pre-loaded on the phone, but is available for download from the Android Market.
  • Wi-Fi Increased functionality by enabling Yahoo Email to be sent over a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Display Improved International Roaming Warning Message by simplifying user notification so that it only appears on the screen when you move to a new network.
  • Happenings Widget Improved Happenings Widget to ensure that you receive the latest updates across the social networks you are connected to such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.
  • Calling Improvements were made to incoming and outgoing call functionality to ensure a more seamless experience.

So be on the lookout starting tomorrow, and sing out if you get it.

Motorola XOOM and ATRIX 4G sales failures claims analyst

Motorola’s XOOM tablet and ATRIX 4G smartphone sales have reportedly “been disappointing” according to one analyst’s channel checks, with sell-through trends suggesting that the smartphone in particular has been impacted by cheap, $49 rivals. Pacific Crest’s James Faucette, quotes Forbes, claims the popularity of the iPhone 3GS and HTC Inspire – each of which undercut the ATRIX significantly in AT&T’s smartphone line-up – has meant sales were “well below forecast.”


Motorola is yet to announce any official sales figures for either the phone or the slate. Both products scored reasonably well in reviews – you can find our ATRIX 4G review here, and our XOOM review here – though are perhaps suited more to technically advanced users than, say, the iPhone or iPad 2.

Of course, the XOOM is yet to hit retail outside of the US, which might partially explain for any mediocre sales. The WiFi-only version of the tablet is expected to arrive in the UK this week, while the 3G-enabled version is due in mid-April.

AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G on sale now

Motorola’s ATRIX 4G has gone on sale, arriving on AT&T’s network for $199.99 with a new, two-year agreement. As we found in the full SlashGear ATRIX 4G review, the new dual-core Motorola is one of the fastest Android handsets around, with its Tegra 2 processor and qHD adding up to a great smartphone experience.

However, it’s the accessories that many people are most excited about, with a Laptop Dock intended to replace your MacBook Air and a HD Multimedia Dock for taking advantage of the ATRIX 4G’s high-definition support. The outlook on the Laptop Dock isn’t so great, however, at least at this early stage, and we’d recommend checking out the review if you were considering junking a netbook for it.

Those doubts aside, we can’t complain too much about the ATRIX 4G itself, and we have to give Motorola and AT&T some credit for getting it to the market in a little over a month since it made its debut at CES 2011 in January.

AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G already rooted

Motorola hasn’t been too keen on Android modders tinkering with its smartphones, throwing in various locked-down bootloaders and other frustrations to prevent the hardware running custom ROMs. Unfortunately for Moto, however, there’s nothing a hacker likes more than a challenge, and so it comes as little surprise to discover that the Motorola ATRIX 4G has been rooted before it’s even on shelves.


According to BriefMobile it’s the handiwork of AT&T developer DesignGears, who has sent out images of his ATRIX 4G with Superuser access and running Titanium Backup to show that the phone has been modded. Right now the instructions on how to actually gain root access aren’t public, but then since the phone itself isn’t either that’s probably no great issue.

AT&T confirmed earlier in the week that the ATRIX 4G would arrive earlier than expected, dropping into stores from February 22 (and reaching pre-order customers on February 21) rather than in early March as originally suggested. More details on the phone in our full unboxing and hands-on.

[via Android Community]

Motorola ATRIX 4G Unboxing and hands-on

CES 2011 had its share of stand-out products, and Motorola’s name was on a number of them. TheMotorola ATRIX 4G has dropped onto the SlashGear test bench on its way to AT&T, along with the majority of its accessories – including the clever Laptop Dock – and that calls for an unboxing and some first impressions.

Video after the cut


With a 4-inch display the ATRIX 4G isn’t going to be a small phone, but it packs in a lot more pixels than other Android handsets with the same screen size. That’s because Motorola has used a 960 x 540 qHD panel, just short of the iPhone 4′s 960 x 640 Retina Display. In total there are 518,000 pixels (versus the iPhone 4′s 614,000) which adds up to a far smoother screen than, say, the WVGA Nexus S. It’s also highly usable outside, which is more than we can say for many LCDs.

The casing is plastic but feels high quality, and Motorola has given the battery cover a carbon-fiber style finish that does a good job of hiding fingerprints. There’s also a very clever combination power button and fingerprint scanner, which allows you to power on and unlock the ATRIX 4G with a simple swipe; I’ve had no problems getting it to recognize my finger, but there’s a PIN backup for manual access.

On the back is a camera with dual-LED flash (note, I accidentally say the ATRIX 4G has an 8-megapixel camera in the video; it actually has a 5-megapixel camera) capable of shooting HD video. A front-facing webcam supports video calls, though you’ll need an app like Fring in order to do so since Android still doesn’t include native video call functionality.

So far the ATRIX 4G has proved generally reliable and fast, with the Tegra 2 processor delivering the superphone speeds NVIDIA promised. Still, I’ve had 5-6 lock-ups with the phone becoming unresponsive, generally when handling large amounts of data (for instance, when downloading my address book). OS is Android 2.2.1 with MOTOBLUR on top, and that’s pretty much identical to the software experience on other Motorola devices. The haptic response is improved, however, feeling almost localized when using the on-screen keyboard.

AT&T and Motorola also sent over most of the official accessories that will be offered alongside the ATRIX 4G, including the Laptop Dock, Desktop Dock and a separate external keyboard and mouse set (only the Car Kit is missing). The Laptop Dock is probably the most interesting of the three, slightly larger than a regular 11.6-inch ultraportable because of the ATRIX 4G docking section at the back; the question remains whether it’s worth the several hundred dollar price tag, considering it’s dependent on the smartphone for its functionality.

The Desktop Dock packs three USB ports, HDMI, power and audio-out, and comes with a useful multimedia remote. With it, the ATRIX 4G turns into a potent multimedia center, supporting 1080p HD. It should also appeal to business users, too, given that the handset comes with support for Citrix Receiver.

So far, so promising, and the ATRIX 4G certainly looks to be shaping up as one of the stand-out smartphones of 2011. Pre-ordering for the AT&T Motorola ATRIX 4G will begin on February 13, with deliveries from March 6;

Motorola Atrix 4G Receives AT&T Mobile Minute Treatment [Video]

Our good pal Daniel is back to present the world with another “Mobile Minute” courtesy of the AT&T Social Media Team. This method for showing off Android smartphones was last used on the similar, but not the same, HTC Inspire 4G. In this video series the main fellow Daniel takes exactly 60 seconds to explain the phone at hand, making it extremely simple for basically anyone to understand what makes the phone great and worth buying. Daniel, you want a job at Android Community?

In this video, Daniel notes that the Atrix 4G has a 4 inch qHD display and weighs in at 4.8 ounces. This phone has a 2×1 GHz dual-core processor which Daniel says is “a first in the US.” It has 16 GB of onboard memory, upgradable by 48 GB by microSD card. Dual-mic noise reduction technology is in place to ensure excellent recording and call quality, and the phone runs on Android 2.2 Froyo with a Motoblur overlay. Atrix 4G has Flash installed, an onscreen QWERTY keyboard with SWYPE.

The phone has fingerprint and security unlock modes as well as employing another “first in the US” feature: webtop application and entertainment center via the HD multimedia dock and laptop dock. Mobile hotspot can be set up to connect other devices to the internet via wifi “as long as they have the correct data plan.” The device has DLNA technology allowing the user to stream content wirelessly from itself over to other DLNA compatible devices. On the back of the Atrix 4G is a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, on the front is a secondary camera of unknown proportions for video chat.

Check out the full video here:

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