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Sprint News, Motorola Xoom WiFi Available May 8th

Sprint has announced that it will be offering the WiFi only version of the Motorola Xoom for a mere $599.99. Between you and me, thats a bit pricey. Especially if you stack it up to some of the other recently released tablets with a better price. But thats the deal, ‘eh?

This was the first tablet device to run Honeycomb. Android 3.0 mobile operating system, was specifically designed with the tablet platform in mind. Along with Android 3.0, the tablet can boast 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB internal RAM memory and 32GB onboard user memory,rear-facing 5-megapixel and front-facing 2-megapixel camera, both capable of HD video, and 10.1-inch widescreen HD display. And the fact that its a WiFi device, there is no required contract. Just shell out the $600 bones and you got yourself a brand spanking new tablet.

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Foxconn employees arrested for leaking Apple iPad 2 specs

DigiTimes is citing a report from today that three Foxconn employees have been arrested in Shenzhen, China for leaking the design specs of the iPad 2 to third-party case manufacturers ahead of the device’s launch. The three were allegedly arrested in December of last year and were charged in late March for the leaks. Foxconn grew suspicious of its own employees after accurate third-party iPad 2 cases began popping up on the market; the firm then asked local authorities to investigate. Foxconn manufacturers electronics for a number of major companies including Apple, HP, Palm, and Sony, and it has been called out in the past for the harsh treatment of its employees. [Via AppleInsider]

U.S. retailers quickly sell out of ASUS Eee Pad Transformer stock

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, an Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet with a 10.1-inch screen and an optional QWERTY dock, made its U.S. retail debut today, and it’s flying off of store shelves. Amazon and Target appear to have already sold out of initial stock of the unit, and Best Buy’s website currently says that the $400 tablet is backordered, too. ASUS announced the Eee Pad Transformer late last month, and it’s equipped with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1.2-megapixel camera for video chat, a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera, and it’s rated for up to 9.5 hours of battery life. There’s no word on when U.S. stock will be replenished, although Best Buy’s “ship to store” option says the unit usually ships to the store within 3 to 5 days.

[Via Engadget]

iPad 2 hits Japan, Hong Kong, Korea & more this week; China on May 6

It’s not just the white iPhone 4 going on sale this week; the iPad 2 is also making its debut in a further twelve countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore. Both the WiFi-only and the WiFi + 3G models will be offered in almost all the new locations; China will also get the iPad 2 on May 6, though only in WiFi-only format.

The iPad 2 WiFi will be available in Japan on April 28 and Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE on April 29 for a suggested retail price of $499 (US) for the 16GB model, $599 (US) for the 32GB model and $699 (US) for the 64GB model. As for the iPad 2 WiFi + 3G, that will be priced at $629 (US) for the 16GB model, $729 (US) for the 32GB model and $829 (US) for the 64GB model.

Finally, the iPad 2 with WiFi will be available in China on May 6. Apple is promising further international availability to be announced at a later date.

Press Release:

iPad 2 Arrives in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore & Eight Other Countries This Week

Wi-Fi Version Available in China on May 6

CUPERTINO, California—April 27, 2011—Apple® today announced that iPad® 2, the second-generation of its breakthrough post-PC device, will arrive in Japan on Thursday, April 28 and Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and eight additional countries on Friday, April 29. iPad 2 will be available at Apple retail stores at 9 a.m. local time, select Apple Authorized Resellers, and online through the Apple Store® ( beginning at 1 a.m. Additionally, iPad 2 with Wi-Fi will be available in China beginning Friday, May 6.

iPad 2 features an entirely new design that is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad, while maintaining the same stunning 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen. iPad 2 features Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor for blazing fast performance and stunning graphics and now includes two cameras, a front-facing VGA camera for FaceTime® and Photo Booth®, and a rear-facing camera that captures 720p HD video, bringing the innovative FaceTime feature to iPad users for the first time. Though it is thinner, lighter, faster and packed with new features, iPad 2 still delivers up to 10 hours of battery life* that users have come to expect.

Pricing & Availability
iPad 2 with Wi-Fi will be available in Japan on April 28 and Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE on April 29 for a suggested retail price of $499 (US) for the 16GB model, $599 (US) for the 32GB model and $699 (US) for the 64GB model. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G will be available for a suggested retail price of $629 (US) for the 16GB model, $729 (US) for the 32GB model and $829 (US) for the 64GB model. iPad 2 with Wi-Fi will be available in China on May 6, and further international availability will be announced at a later date.

iMovie® and GarageBand® for iPad apps are available for $4.99 (US) each from the App Store℠ on iPad or The Smart Cover is available in a range of colors in vibrant polyurethane for $39 (US) or rich leather for $69 (US).

*Battery life depends on device settings, usage and other factors. Actual results vary.

Eee Pad Transformer launches and short supply is almost gone already

Asus created a lot of buzz with its cool Android tablet called the Eee Pad Transformer when the tablet was unveiled a few months back. Asus had previously warned that the tablet would have low supply at launch and that it would be prioritizing the UK for the launch. The launch day was reported to be April 26 a few days ago and that day is here. Asus has the official launch page up on its website with links to all of the sellers that are carrying the Transformer at launch.

If you are looking for the Transformer on launch day, you need to start looking early. Apparently, many of the sellers of the tablet are already out of stock. The good news is that there are 24 different companies offering the tablet with some of them being big names and some being smaller firms. Among the big names are,, Amazon,, Fry’s, Newegg, Sears, Staples, and a lot more.

If you find a site with stock let us know in the comments. The transformer is an Android 3.0 tablet that has an optional docking station with a keyboard and extended battery. When docked the keyboard turns the Transformer into a little netbook. With the keyboard attached, the tablet is good for 16 hours of run time and the tablet alone is good for 9.5 hours. The Transformer runs a Tegra 2 processor.

[via Android Community]

Amazon Releases ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, Sells Out in a Matter of Minutes

If you’ve been excited about the launch of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer…well, you apparently weren’t the only one, and we hope you’ve already grabbed yours.  Amazon made the Transformer available for sale in the US early this morning…and was sold out within just a few minutes.  Likewise, Target lists it as “unavailable” and already has it showing up as “backordered.”  We don’t know how many were made available for this first-round release, but apparently it was not enough to meet the demand for the product.

Honestly, this isn’t that surprising, given that it’s basically a Honeycomb tablet that docks onto a keyboard to make a nice laptop-like device when you want that experience.  It’s a very cool device concept, and it’s priced at a VERY competitive $399.  That is, if you can find one.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

[via engadget]

HTC Tube Concept Design: Phone, Tablet, Notebook

Back in March, we covered an HTC Tube concept design, which is meant to integrate all of your devices using a removable cartridge that can transfer between the phone and tablet. Now Antoine Brieux, the designer, has added a keyboard which plugs into the tablet and creates a notebook, possibly inspired by the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer?

Brieux considers this the completion of his HTC Tube concept, that now integrates phone, tablet, and laptop into one harmonious cartridge-powered ecosystem. But he also adds one more accessory he calls the NAK Stick Phone that slides into the tablet for an integrated basic phone that will let you take and make calls using the tablet. It looks like it can be used separately as well to completely replace the need for a smartphone. This would be good for someone who intends to carry around their tablet most of the time and only need a small device for making basic calls.

This is certainly an interesting concept with sleek aesthetic execution. It will be neat to see if any of the major manufacturers start picking up on this type of integration. It could be very advantageous for manufacturers to be able to promote their smartphones, tablets, and laptops as one cohesive family or package rather than solely separate product segments.

[via NAK Studio]

Dell Latitude ST and Streak Pro tablets detailed; CEO predicts Android will squash iPad

Details of two 10-inch Dell tablets, one based on Intel’s Oak Trail and the other on NVIDIA’s incoming Tegra T25, have emerged. According to the tablet roadmap, acquired by Android Central, the Dell Latitude ST is expected to arrive in October running Windows 7 on a 1.5GHz Oak Trail chip, while the Dell Streak Pro will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Tegra T25 and land in June. The leak comes amid Dell CEO Michael Dell admitting that he “didn’t completely” predict the “rapid rise of the tablet” and predicted that Android would squash Apple’s iPad.

Asked whether he thought Android tablets would end up outpacing Apple’s iPad – something analysts don’t expect to take place for several years – Dell was confident the Google platform would eventually dominate the market. “Not tomorrow. Not the next day.” he said, “But again, if you look at 18 months ago, Android phones were like, “What is that? And now there are more Android phones than iPhones. I don’t see any reason why the same won’t occur with Android tablets.”

The Dell Latitude ST has a 1366 x 768 display, 2GB of RAM and up to 128GB of storage. There are dual cameras – 3-megapixels and 1.3-megapixels – along with GPS, an accelerometer, 1080p output and an 8hr battery. Dell is also toting the “active pen support” which sounds a lot like the active digitizer on the ASUS Eee Slate EP121, only paired with longer battery life thanks to the power-sipping Intel CPU.

As for the Dell Streak Pro – previously codenamed Gallo and tipped for a Q2 release – it will have a 1280 x 800 display, a modular – presumably GSM or CDMA – data-only modem, twin cameras and microphones, and an “Enterprise application stack” along with Dell’s Stage 1.5 UI. The latter is presumably the sync-enabled update Dell recently told us was incoming. According to the document’s source, Dell is also considering both USB Host and USB Client support, along with an ethernet-equipped dock, both of which would be useful for the enterprise market.

Toshiba Regza AT300 — the 10.1 inch tablet gets a name, Japan release info

Toshiba Regza

Toshiba has finally unveiled their 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet, dubbed the Toshiba Regza AT300 — at least in Japan.  It’s the same delicious bit of hardware we got to play with at CES, and have seen plastered all over as the Toshiba “Ant”.  The tablet packs a Tegra 2 and a full 1 GB of RAM under the hood, has both full-size and mini USB ports, HDMI out, and now we learn it will integrate with Toshiba’s other Regza products, like Televisions and Blu-ray players.

The Regza AT300 is scheduled for a June release in Japan, checking in at 60,000 Yen — or about $720.  That’s a bit higher than the previous pricing of $449 – $579 we’ve seen, but we can’t base US pricing on the Japanese model.  No word on when to expect this in the west, but we certainly hope it isn’t too far off.  Hit the break to see our hands-on.  [Toshiba (Japanese) via Mobile Burn]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

ASUS EeePad Transformer vs. the venerable ASUS Eee PC

ASUS EeePad Transformer and the EeePC

So now that we’ve written a word or three (thousand) about the ASUS EeePad Transformer’s life as a Honeycomb laptop, let’s put it up against one of our old netbooks, the 10-inch ASUS EeePC 1000HE.

And what a difference a couple years makes, eh? On the Eee PC you’ve got an Intel Atom N280 processor at 1.66GHz. The EeePad Transformer sports an NVIDIA Tegra 2 1GHz dual-core processor. They’ve both got 1GB of RAM, but the Eee PC’s can (and should) be upgraded to 2GB. And, of course, the Transformer runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb while the Eee PC sports Windows XP (or Windows 7 if you feel like upgrading).

The Eee PC wins in the storage department, with a 160GB hard drive. The Transformer has to make do with either 16GB or 32GB.

But it’s the size that really knocks you out of the park. The Eee PC is downright portly when compared to the Transformer. It’s like comparing a Macbook Air to that 7-pound monster laptop your day job forces you to carry around.

It’s Fat Man and Little Boy, all right. We’ve got more pics of the unsightly duo after the break. [Full EeePad Transformer specs]

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