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Will the AT&T Attain, Verizon Function, and Sprint Within be the US versions of the Galaxy S II?

When the original Samsung Galaxy S phone came to the U.S., it was branded as the Verizon Fascinate, AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant, U.S. Cellular Mesmerize and the Cellular South Showcase. Is it any surprise that the same thing is going to happen all over again for the new Galaxy S II. For some reason the Fascinate 2 or Captivate 2 is just not good enough.

An online web store has a listing for a silicon gel case that’s compatible with the generic Samsung Galaxy S II, but also lists Attain (AT&T), Function (Verizon), and Within (Sprint).

Get ready for the bloatware and other tweaks from the U.S. carriers. It  will also be interesting to see if NFC makes it over on any of the U.S. versions. Read the rest of this entry

New Hardware Fix Available For Samsung Vibrant GPS Fail

Looks like the guys over at XDA aren’t just good at altering code, they can tweak hardware too!  With the major GPS fail issues going on with the T-Mobile Vibrant, someone had to do something about it.  Well, look no further, as XDA member Plato56 has begun a revolution with his new hardware GPS fix.  If you’re feeling frisky, and aren’t afraid of completely breaking down your Vibrant, then head on over to XDA, via the source link and get your tinker on.

And of course, as always, here’s the caveat.  Should you attempt to alter your hardware in any way, shape or form, Talk Android is not responsible for the alterations and therefore, not responsible for anything that happens to your device.  That being said, keep in mind that this method will most likely void your warranty and does have the potential to “brick” your phone, so make sure you know what you’re doing.  You will be required to take the device apart so you can gain access to the GPS antenna and its copper contacts.

In addition, keep this prerequisite in mind as stated by T313Comun1s7, “If you don’t yet have at least JI6 then you need to be at least at that modem level FIRST. If you are already using the JI6 (or newer) modem and your GPS still sucks AND your phone was manufactured prior to October, then try this…” Enjoy folks, and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know how this fix worked out for you.

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